Research projects and interests

Research group:

Research interests:

  • Audio source separation
  • Far-field speech recognition

Labs affiliated with at Sabanci University (2002-2016):

Past projects:

  • “Speaker and noise specific speech denoising for telecommunication systems,” supported by Turk Telekom, Dates: Mar. 2013-Mar. 2014, Role: PI.
  • “Biometric data collection and system improvement ,” supported by TUBITAK BILGEM, Dates: Sep 2012 – Sep 2013, Role: PI.
  • “Single channel source separation,” supported by Turk Telekom, Dates: Mar. 2012-Mar. 2013, Budget: 66000 TL, Role: PI.
  • “Fast and convergent algorithms for large scale learning (1001-110E041)”, supported by TUBITAK, Dates: Oct. 2010 – Sep. 2012, Budget: 170000 TL, Role: PI.
  • “Novel approaches in audio-visual speech recognition,” supported by TUBITAK, Dates: Oct. 2007 – Sep. 2010, Budget: 221945 YTL, Role: PI.
  • “Speaker recognition using support vector machines,” supported by TUBITAK UEKAE, Dates: May 2008 – May 2009, Role: PI.
  • “Driving behavior analysis,” supported by NEDO, Japan, Dates: 2006-2009, Budget (for Sabanci only): 11.7 million JPY (100K USD), Role: PI for Sabanci University part of the project since Winter 2007.
  • “Drive-safe,” supported by DPT, Turkey, Dates: 2006-2009, Budget (total) approximately 1800000 YTL, Role: researcher.

Past research Interests:

  • Pattern recognition and machine learning especially applied to multimedia and audio signals
  • Speech processing (separation, enhancement)
  • Speech and speaker recognition
  • Compressed sensing signal recovery
  • Optimization algorithms for machine learning, image reconstruction in tomography and other applications
  • Biometrics involving voice and face identification/verification