Graduate students

Continuing Ph.D. students

    • Mehmet Umut Şen
    • Yusuf Ziya Işık (co-advising with Ruhi Sarıkaya)

Theses Advised by Hakan Erdogan at Sabanci University:

  • M.S.
    • Osman Büyük, “Subword language modeling for Turkish speech recognition,” Sabancı University, August 2005.
    • Kemal Pakatçı, “Protein secondary structure prediction with classifier fusion,” Sabancı University, August 2008
    • Harun Karabalkan, “Tandem approach for information fusion in audio-visual speech recognition,” Sabancı University, February 2009.
    • Berkay Topçu, “Feature extraction and fusion techniques for patch-based face recognition,” Sabancı University, August 2009.
    • Mustafa Berkay Yılmaz, “Statistical facial feature extraction and lip segmentation,” Sabancı University, August 2009. (co-advisor: Mustafa Ünel)
    • Deniz Türdü, “Foreground region detection and tracking for fixed cameras,” Sabancı University, April 2010.
    • Yusuf Ziya Işık, “Local representations and random sampling for speaker verification,” Sabancı University, August 2010.
    • Mehmet Umut Şen, “Max-margin stacking with group sparse regularization for classifier combination,” Sabancı University, September 2011.
    • Matin Azadmanesh, “Siamese neural networks for biometric hashing,” Sabanci University, August 2014.
    • Ahmet Emin Bulut, “Diarization of telephone conversations using probabilistic linear discriminant analysis,” Sabanci University, January 2015.
    • Fahad Sohrab, “Railway vehicle detection from audio recordings using one-class classification,” Sabanci University, January 2016.
    • Deha Deniz Turkoz, “Comparison of blind dereverberation methods for speech signals,” Sabanci University, June 2016.
  • Ph.D.
    • Nazım Burak Karahanoğlu, “Search based methods for the sparse signal recovery problem in compressed sensing,” Sabancı University, January 2013.
    • Emad Mounir Grais, “Incorporating prior information in nonnegative matrix factorization for audio source separation,” Sabancı University, June 2013.
    • Çağatay Karabat, “Improved security and privacy preservation for biometric hashing,” Sabancı University, August 2013.
    • İbrahim Saygın Topkaya (with co-advisor Fatih Porikli), “Visual detection and tracking of unknown number of objects with nonparametric clustering methods,” March 2016.
    • Berkay Topçu, “Security/privacy analysis of biometric hashing and template protection for fingerprint minutiae,” June 2016.

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